Who we are


Hi Lindy-Ann and Katie here, co founders of DGRCP collaborative and A Colo{u}rful World blog. We are so glad you are here!

DGRCP Collaborative is the merging of our two creative hearts and our collective experiences.  We are creatives, photographers, teachers/mentors, moms, wives, daughters, believers, and above all, friends. The spirit of this blog is to share our knowledge, educational tips, our projects, and our lives with you.

When we were deciding on what to name our blog we decided to include two things that make our collaboration so magical – 1) how we see color and the extraordinary in the ordinary and 2) that we are both expats or citizens of the world.

If you are not familiar with the term “expat”, it refers to expatriates or those living outside their country of origin. Lindy-Ann is from South Africa currently living in Kuwait and I (Katie) am from the United States, previously living in Kuwait, and currently in Tel Aviv, Israel. There will definitely be more on our backgrounds and tele-collaborating in future posts, but for our very first post we thought we would share the DGRCP story.

Back in September of 2014 while we were both living in Kuwait, our families met at child’s birthday party. To be more specific our husbands met and thanks to Lindy’s husband, J, plans were made to have dinner, sans children. In the trenches of mothering infants and toddlers, it was a much needed night out.

Over dinner, I (Katie) peppered Lindy-Ann with questions about who she was before kids – because I mean we were all somebody before our little people came along. Come to find out we were both creative-career girls who were feeling a need for creative outlets! Kindred spirits indeed!

A few weeks later Lindy-Ann booked a family photo session with me. After one of my absolute favorite seaside sessions ever, Lindy-Ann invited me to brunch and there proposed that we should collaborate on something. Right there on the patio of Al-Corniche Club, in Kuwait – Lindy-Ann’s “happy place” – DGRCP was conceived. We didn’t really have a vision for what we would grow into at that time, we just knew that we would make a great team.

Now as we celebrate 6 years of collaborating we have blossomed and accomplished some amazing things together; from photography workshops to commercial shoots, branding and strategizing with other small businesses to publishing books and selling our work. We feel incredibly blessed and are full of gratitude for where we are and we are excited for where DGRCP is headed.

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