Photographing Katie

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– written by Lindy-Ann

Periodically, on It’s A Colo{u}rful World we will feature our personal photography session recaps. Where we discuss our experiences and lessons learned.

To get stared we will be sharing the experience of shooting each other’s families. I had the absolute delight of photographing Katie, her husband and her two beautifully spirited boys back in December 2015. It is still one of my favourite family sessions to date.

Location: Al Shaheed Park, Kuwait City.

Date and time: December, 2015. 8:30am (1.5 hours)

Weather: Beautiful sunny winters morning. Slightly chilly but fresh and fun.

I dragged along a friend (thanks Sam!) to help carry bags and light reflectors for the morning. While hoping to teach her a few things along the way I made the rookie mistake of not emptying and reformatting my memory card before the session. We got to the last 10 minutes of the shoot and I found myself frantically deleting older photographs on the same card to make space for new ones. In my defence I really didn’t expect to shoot as much as I did, I just got totally caught up in the fun of it all and poor planning reared it’s ugly head. Thankfully my client was awesome and they were simply the most patient and wonderful family from which to learn this lesson! I have never made this mistake again.

Learn from me, reformat your cards, bring extras, and pick amazing clients!




2 thoughts on “Photographing Katie

  1. Thank you Lindy-Ann. Your comments about them are heart-warming, and your advice- whether backing things up, saving important docs, or reformatting bites is all at some point…beautiful photographs!

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