Ghadah Alkandari

They say the best revenge to any break up is success. If that is the case then Ghadah Alkandari has won this round. This Kuwaiti artist and blogger has shone both locally and internationally and most recently at the Contemporary Art Platform in Kuwait.


She found herself in an isolating, lonely place after the loss of a long term relationship and started making these simply gorgeous, perfectly put together paper Polyhedra. One after the other they kept coming. In brilliant combinations of striking colours and patterns, each one took 1 hour to fold and construct. I walked into the first room at the CAP and I was greeted by the first installation called ‘Until Love’. The title represents her personal journey of recovering from hurt and searching for new love. She vowed to make these complex polyhedra until love came around again. It is amazing to think of  the thoughts and emotions must have gone into each of them over a two year span and here they lay in front of me on the floor, perfect, fragile and unapologetic.


Her art work progressed effortlessly as I walked into the second gallery. Moving from these complex structures of individualism, suppression, and isolation, to her collection of paint on canvas, titled ‘Until.’

Ghadah takes us on an emotional journey alright. From the jagged, hard lines of raw emotion to more flowing lines in her acrylic on canvas works. These, second phase works, if you will, feel more calm, open and gentle. They speak of friendships and new relationships formed – of empowerment, support, company, and in the end fulfillment.

I adore this artist, besides being a brilliantly talented visual communicator, she has an amazing relationship with colour and she is able to inspire her audience while telling her very human story.

Her exhibition will  be running until February 22 so head on over. You don’t want to miss this. The Contemporary Art Platform can be found on the mezzanine floor of the Lifestyle Centre in Shuwaikh Industrial area, Block 2, str 28.

Pop on over to her blog ‘Prettygreenbullet’ to get inspired as well.



2 thoughts on “Ghadah Alkandari

  1. I love the paintings. Wow!! I particularly like how she used the black to frame the color and really bring it to the forefront on the right hand image. Wish I could see them in person. Your description of “fragile and unapologetic” I am sure matches with her emotions at the time.

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