Kirrily Morris – Cultural Photographer


I once followed Kirrily through the old souk here in Kuwait. I watched her as she engaged her targets with a polite confidence, calm and cool. They of course were all too thrilled that a little blonde Westerner wanted to take their photos. Many in return taking selfies with her which she happily played along too. “Well if I take pictures of them, why not let them take pictures of me” she said. I remember how uncomfortable I started to get when the fish market started to fill up and fight for our (her) attention and when I felt like going in the opposite direction, thinking yup this is our time to exit, she walked further into the crowd happily snapping away. It is this type of personality that is so very rare and makes this Cultural Photographer, Kirrily Morris, so very special.


She is a mum, a wife with a business degree and someone who flirted with interior design.

Finding her passion for cultural photography she is mostly self taught, Kirrily has started studying through the New York Institute of photography where she is getting to know the finer details of her craft.


This Aussi girl who calls the UK home, but lives in Kuwait at present, is currently working on building an image library of what makes Kuwait beautiful. I’m not talking flowers and street art (although that certainly plays a role). I’m talking real people, the soul of the country. The Culture! This is what one misses the most when they move on from this expat post, and this is what she is so beautifully photographing.


Her work introduces one culture to another, it breaks down any social boundaries that may exist and leaves the viewer feeling attached to the subject in frame. Wanting to know more. I find myself lingering over her images trying to pick them apart, trying to make sense of it all. And I love that!


Kirrily’s photographs are available for purchase as stock photography and artwork. She is also in the process of putting together a Kuwait photography book of her favorite images. She is very active on Instagram and you can follow her cultural journey and connect with her there  @kirrilymorrisphotography.

15069103_206575743122924_8632043620895561618_o copy.jpg

I can’t wait to follow this talented, fresh photographer as she travels between Kuwait and the rest of the world capturing cultures and sharing them with us.



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