What came first, the fruit or the colour, turns out the orange colour is the only colour on the spectrum that gets its name from an object. The citrus fruit got its name first.

Orange is a secondary colour. When you mix equal amounts of yellow with red you create orange. It is the complimentary colour of blue. If you were to mix blue and orange together you create the neutral colour brown.

FullSizeRender copyIn design, orange can be used to draw attention.

Orange is a warm colour, but it is not as aggressive as red. For me, orange brings to mind images of pumpkins, halloween, autumn, leaves falling to the ground, and sunsets. Generally, it is associated with joy, enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, determination, success and encouragement. Obviously it is a safe pleasing colour that all the other colours want to be friends with.

That said, with orange being the popular kid in class I’m going to sit back and let her get all the attention. Enjoy the eye candy.

1DSC_0663 2

IMG_0232 copy1DSC_2018


1DSC_8530 copyIMG_0236 copyDSC_0355 copyDSC_4358 copy

Let us know what orange looks like in your corner of the world and use the #itsanorangeworld on Instagram to share your images with us. Orange you inspired?



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