Al Shaheed Park phase 2 – at first glance

It’s no surprise that Al Shaheed Park is one of my favourite places to photograph here in Kuwait City. I have been waiting a long time for phase 2 to open and when it did this past week I couldn’t wait to get down there and see for myself how it compares with the original.



The creators of this gorgeous park have kept consistent with the look and feel of phase 1 beautifully and have managed to continue with the theme – a representation of Kuwait incorporating both old Kuwait and new Kuwait. That said, phase 2 comes with it’s own design uniqueness and promises to inspire and engage it’s audience from the minute your eyes meet the land as you rise up from the escalators.


A prominent new attraction is the miniature of old Kuwait and new Kuwait villages that both inform and encourage us to imagine times as they once were.

One of the most interesting features I found was the modern design of the new mosque, I’ve never seen anything like it, when I hear mosque I automatically think traditional, but this was anything but. Truly original.


Lastly, I couldn’t leave you without sharing this amazing water feature, literally bursting up through the ground.

It is worth the trip into the city to explore the second phase of Al Shaheed Park. You will be amazed to see how the layout of landscaping within the park organically becomes a part of the city skyline.




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