A Brave New Year


Shana Tova! Happy New Year! So far this year is off to a great start with getting organized, setting goals, and soul searching – it was a rather productive day thanks to my parents!

Having them here this holiday season has been amazing and really helped me with all of the above. They patiently let me verbally process everything, cleaned my house, cuddled the boys, and generally loved on us. What a treasured time it’s been.

IACW _M&D 1785

We have also done a lot of adventuring and learned a lot about the beautiful country of Israel. Every guest we have hosted here has said they have to come back because there is still so much to see! It’s true! In the last two weeks we have visited ancient ruins, holy sites, the shouk (market), eaten at fantastic restaurants, and drank some amazing wine and beer.


We still have some more exploring and experiencing to do with them in the next week and I already know they will be back before we finish our time here in Israel. My mom has said more than once that she is leaving a changed person. It really has been a wonderful trip!


Honestly, if you have been on the fence about visiting Israel, it really is a must. Yes, there have been some heightened tensions in the last few weeks, but I promise you it’s never as bad as the news leads us to believe. Life keeps going. Not to mention we can’t live in fear. Throughout my life, I learned that from my parents. Once again they lived that out when they took a tour to Jerusalem and Bethlehem by themselves last week and that experience will be with them forever. I’m so thankful to them for that adventurous spirit passed onto me and the legacy of faith they have built for our family.


That leads me to my hope for all of us this year. In 2018 may we be intentional in all things, brave enough to take risks, and ready to be changed forever!

Cheers to 2018!



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