The best markers of all time

Copic screen

And I can say that with confidence too.

I bought my first set of Copic markers 18 years ago. I was studying Art Direction and Design at AAA in Johannesburg, one of our subjects included fine art and renderings, for this we needed to invest in Copic markers. I never thought of them much at the time except that they were crazy expensive.  I mean, their rendering ability was pretty incredible but I was not experienced enough at the time to fully appreciate their worth. Fast forward 18 years, I found my box of Copic markers while unpacking my art room in our new place. My first thought was to throw them away because surly by now they would be useless and dried up. I pulled out one just to confirm my thinking and to my surprise it worked 100%, clearly and accurately. I have now handed them over to my art brain child who has been designing up a storm with them. It’s exciting to see them taking on this second life, and to see my joy mirrored in my child for these ink filled instruments.

IMG_1026 copyIMG_1028 copyIMG_1029 copy

So if you’re looking to invest in a set of markers that will live 18 years or more, then invest in a set of Copic. You’ll only ever need to buy them once!



Side note: These are not washable, scribble felt tips pens but artists markers for passionate creatives.




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