From pink screwdriver to power drill!

When I moved to Kuwait at the tender age of 25, my only ever experience with the IKEA brand had been from an advertising perspective. As in, admiring their advertising and strategy from a distance since there is no Ikea in South Africa.

When I moved into my first unfurnished apartment here, I headed over to the great IKEA and stocked up on the absolute bare minimum that I could afford at the time. With a very small budget I needed to get smart with my purchases. And of course I couldn’t afford the extra delivery service so I loaded my car with whatever I bought and headed home.

When I opened the wardrobe box and opened the little illustrated booklet of instructions it called for me to have a screwdriver handy. So off I walked to the local grocery store and bought myself my very first tool. A pink screwdriver! And with this little beast I built all my furniture for my first place by myself. After a few blisters and meltdowns I had done it!

Fast forward 11 years and now I’m in my new place, husband took the kids out for the day so I could build a few new storage pieces for the kids rooms. This time I was armed with a lot more building experience and a power drill (if that’s what you even call it!) Anyone else feel like IKEA is LEGO for adults?! #builditlikeaboss

Somehow this feels like a metaphor for how far my Kuwait journey has taken me. I will always keep my little pink screwdriver as a fond reminder of my early days here, a reminder to not give up, to tackle problems head on, and always know that even if you don’t see it at the time – hard work pays off.


One thought on “From pink screwdriver to power drill!

  1. Hi Lindy, I too was introduced to IKEA when I was posted to Kuwait. I saw the product and thought right they will transport the furniture to my home. No so, I soon found out that I hade to have carpenter skills to put the pieces together. My first attempt was disastrous, I broke my first attempt. I decided not to give up and finally put all the pieces together and felt extremely proud. If I could put the “lego” pieces together then I could face anything and everything. Kuwait certainly builds on your talents. Well done dear friend you are still there after 11 years your can certainly fit in everywhere.


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