Derailed and Desaturated.

Forgive my absence.

5 months ago, as if a switch had been flipped, the narrative of my life changed forever. And absolutely NOTHING I did could flip it back. No amount of ugly crying and desperate prayers could take back time. No, this is it, a new turn, a new chapter, forward we go, step by step, reading a part of a story I want nothing to do with but as I am not The Great Author, I am simply left to make the most of the cards I have been I have been given.

I am angry, I am frustrated beyond words, I am deeply hurt everyday, I am sad. And through it all I am trying to continue to hold on to a Faith of a grand design, a bigger picture, one I am not able to see. I guess that’s why they call it Faith. And to be honest, it is also the only thing holding me together. Giving me the strength to ‘mom’ and ‘wife’.

I lost my beautiful grandmother in May, my mom’s 9th ‘death-aversary’ was on Monday June 25. But on June 24, one of my closest family members was in a bicycle accident which turned my world upside down. And for the cherry on top, my poor sweet little dog of 9 years, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Admittedly, for the past few months, I’ve struggled to find the colour in the world. My amazing children, husband, family and friends have made it somewhat easier but the sting of this new chapter has been a painful. And while we’re still in the middle of this turbulent time, I find myself once again starting to look for the colour around me.

This made me think and feel as if I was living in a desaturated world.

And this has lead me to today’s post on desaturation.

Desaturation is defined by the loss of colour in an image. So why would we want to take colour out of an image? Well, by reducing saturation i.e.: desaturating an image, we can create a more dramatic visual effect. You need to use this technique mindfully as it makes a strong comment on its subject. For example, you wouldn’t necessarily want to photograph a child’s party and then take out the colour perhaps, unless you have done so with a specific desired effect in mind, which may contribute to your style as an artist. Art says a great deal about the artist not just the subject. I have been told by Katie that my style can be quite moody and I certainly use desaturation almost all the time when editing so I would say she is right and it is now apart of my style. It will make an otherwise normal shot, quite moody, which can work beautifully when used with intention. However, if you use this technique to create drama that just isn’t there, you risk falling into the category of ‘forced’ and ‘faked’. So this technique is worth playing with and experimenting with while figuring out your own individual style. Be sure to master your visual grading technique first and with confidence before you decide it is apart of you.

Hopefully the screenshots below will encourage you to play more with desaturation in Photoshop.

desta 1desat 6desat 2desat 4desat 5

Above all, enjoy the process!



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