Advent-ures in 2017


When I was reflecting on what to write about this last Tuesday of 2017, I could hardly believe the year has flown by so fast! My dad used to tell me that time would fly as we got older and I never believed him. But I definitely do now.

This past year I focused on being more joy-filled and joyful {#morejoy}, as well as being intentional with “all the things.” It was a growing experience for sure, as I pushed myself to focus on the little things that bring joy, surrounded myself with positivity, and tried to find balance in my planner. Time management is still a struggle for me. However, most of the time I made it through the crushing deadlines and early morning design sessions, in the midst of and in-between parenting and adulting, with a joyful heart and a cup of coffee. Let’s just say being intentional will still be a goal in 2018.

Although I may not have mastered time management this year, I have been intentional in other areas, especially in my faith walk. I host a weekly Bible study and, together with some amazing women, we dove deep and really basked in the richness of living in the Holy Land. My co-leaders and I knew we wanted to help our ladies establish their hearts during the Christmas season with an Advent study, but we couldn’t find one that fit our needs as a group. I did, however, find one for my family. Two things resulted from our collective searching. First, I committed my family to doing the She/He/Kid Reads Truth 2017 Advent study. Second, we co-leaders decided to create our own tailored Advent study.

Family Read{ing} Truth

If you are not familiar with the She Reads Truth community, you should definitely check them out! Their goal is to simply bring people to the Bible daily and everything they do is designed intentionally and beautifully. I highly recommend their Open Your Bible study and the SRT Bible, both have encouraged and taught me so much about the Bible and how to read it.

As you can imagine, I was thrilled to see their Advent Study on Instagram and to find that they had something for the whole family! The materials truly helped us to focus and find peace at a time that has been especially busy and chaotic for us. I just love that our mealtimes were filled with discussions about the true reason for the season!

IACW_advent 1442

A true Advent-ture 

Back to our group Advent conundrum:  In all honesty, the advent-ure of creating a study was an amazing experience! We specifically needed a study that would connect the overall narrative of the Bible from Eden to the manager in a concise, but meaningful, 3 weeks. At some point in 2018 I will share more about my mentor and co-leader, Anita, but for now I will tell you that the Lord has called her to write – and write she did for us. She compiled the text, scriptures, and questions while I designed the first draft layout of the book and the accompanying Advent ornaments. It was a true labor of love for us and we were blessed by the response we received from our group.


Needless to say, it has been a busy, but abundantly blessed season of anticipation for sure! I hope as you are coming down from the highs of Christmas and preparing for 2018 that you may find moments of peace and reflection.


Join us again in 2018 for more tutorials, inspiration, adventures, and travel.  We invite you to let us know how we can encourage you and walk through this colourful world with you!




What will 2017 bring from DGRCP?

cropped-2017.jpgWelcome to 2017!

We are excited to see our online community growing so beautifully across multiple countries, and in person between Israel and Kuwait. We are inspired by each of you and your different perspectives and honored to be your creative mentors and friends.

Each year we like to take a look at our collaborative and identify what is working well and ways we think we can improve, individually and as a community. We believe the creative spirit is always evolving through knowledge and experience, and it is imperative that we are sensitive to that. That said, we are proud of where 2016 left off on this journey and we are thrilled to see how 2017 pans out!

Just a little status update, we currently have over 70 members in our Facebook community from all over the world living in 7 different countries! Lots of 7s, ha! Our group also consists of all levels ranging from professional to hobbyist, and the discussions have been fantastic!

This year we have hosted 1-on-1 sessions, group workshops, topical workshops, photo challenges, and our first photo contest. The feedback on all of this has been so encouraging and we plan to continue and get better together!

The biggest addition to the DGRCP Collaborative in 2017 is this blog, It’s A Colourful World, which we are slowly rolling out in the coming months. The blog is born of our shared experiences as creatives living abroad and being influenced by the people and places around us. In addition to photography, the blog will focus on color, inspiration, business, and life. We will also be including video tutorials and how-to’s as the questions and needs arise from you all, so keep asking! Another element we are really excited about will be guest posts by other creatives from all walks and genres, so if you are interested in sharing your story or what inspires you, let us know; we would love to feature you!


As our Kuwait community has had 2+ years to establish itself, we feel the time has come to evolve our group workshops into group walkabouts. The concept for these free community-building get-togethers, is more experiential learning rather than teaching sessions. We will arrange a time and a place to practice our skills and, in the safety of numbers, freely explore the world through our lenses. That said, we will also be hosting smaller more specific master classes targeting specific subjects and catering towards specific learning requests.

For any newcomers into the group, at least one 1-on-1 class will be required to join this program and cement their own understanding of photography as well as the workings of a DSLR camera. This will only help them to get the most out of the walkabouts and master classes. These can be arranged ahead of time with Lindy-Ann privately.


Our Israel group is expanding and we are anticipating great things! We look forward to a core group coming together, like it has in Kuwait, to learn from and teach others. The hope is that in the next few months we can start implementing the master classes on specific topics to hone and develop the skills needed for the various forms of photography. We are planning for walkabouts to start up in the Fall of 2017. If you are interested in setting up a 1-on-1 before the master classes start up, contact Katie.


We are also so proud of our shutterbugs that are stateside! From the amazing work coming from our professional friend Natalie, to those who have moved home from Kuwait, to those of you who took 1-on-1’s with Katie this past year. We really enjoy hearing from you! Katie will also be home this summer for a brief R&R, so maybe we can plan an Old Town Alexandria walkabout, email if you would be interested in that.

Australia, Peru, UK, South Africa, and beyond!

We are so happy you all are with us too! We love to see your photos of your experiences in your corners of the world, please keep them coming! It’s also great to think that some day, when we do a photo trip together, it will be great to have you there to show us around!

Can you hear us dreaming big here? We are and we are excited!

Looking forward to a great year of learning and showcasing great photographic talent and growth.

with love,