PS Tutorial: Stamping away the crowd

IACW  - DeLong Family - 9292.jpg

The past couple weeks I have been post processing the images from my Fall Mini Sessions. Unlike all the amazing autumnal sessions I’m drooling over from back home, my sessions were seaside, and the Mediterranean did not disappoint! My seven families, all sporting a variety of blues, were perfect against the teals and turquoise tones of the sea, and the morning light was glorious. Each session even had it’s own special moments and poses unique to each family, which kept it fun and fresh. Overall, it was a dream day, with the exception of all the other beach goers.

Not only did we have several walkers, joggers, curious by standers, and sand castle builders to compete with, we also had the absolutely unnecessary older gentleman in a speedo…seriously?! This actually led to a few good smiles and laughs from my clients, but we do not want those in the shot, am I right?!

IACW - blue speedo

This is a quick tutorial on how I utilize the clone stamp tool in Photoshop to get rid any background noise that takes away from my subjects, including people and litter.

I hope it comes in handy for you and that you don’t have to deal with an old Israeli in a electric blue speedo any time soon!



Divine Inspiration


Inspiration is all around us if we just look a little closer or take the time out of our busyness to see it.

We have shared about artists and their amazing creations that inspire us but, for me, there is one place that moves me in ways I cannot even fully comprehend – the sea. The sheer power and beauty of it causes me to pause and admire God’s handiwork. All of my senses are stimulated.


I hear the shells trickle back and forth with each wave creating a melody. I feel the salty wind whip my hair around my face, the cool sand soft between my toes, and the waves colliding with my shins. I smell the sea breeze calming and exciting me at the same time and I taste the salt in the air.


Sight has always been my strongest sense. Ever since I was little I would see things my family missed and by the sea I am overwhelmed. I see it all, the depth of color range from blues to greens in the water, the soft white of the sea foam, the rhythmic and almost hypnotic waves rolling in and out to the horizon, the unique patterns and colors of the treasures from the deep – shells of all shapes and sizes and the array of colorful sea glass. And, of course, the creatures and people scattered on the sand, in the air, on the sea, all adding to the visual cacophony of a day by the sea.


All of it refreshes, inspires, and creates a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Is there a place that does this for you? How do you hold on to all that inspiration when you leave it?

I have found that it is important to carry those feelings with me home from the sea, so I intentionally have decorated my home with things that remind me of how it feels to be there. In the photographs, the blues in my rugs, and the jars of shells, rocks, sand, and sea glass we have collected, you will find my moments of peace and inspiration. It helps me to find a stillness and quietness in the midst of the chaos and busyness that is everyday life.


Next time you are in your place of divine inspiration, take it all in, maybe even write down how it makes you feel, and then grab a token to take home with you to remember what it feels like to be overwhelmed with peace and inspiration.

If you have other ways to hold on to that feeling of divine inspiration share with us! We would love to hear it!



Capturing the Cunhas

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When I reflect on my experience photographing Lindy-Ann and her monkeys, I feel privileged to be their photographer and a part of their family. I was a bit intimidated going into our first session, but Lindy-Ann’s confidence in my skills calmed and encouraged me. To be honest, I still call her for a dose of encouragement and truth weekly! I am so thankful to have her in my life.

We had two very different photography sessions together before I left Kuwait and it is so fun to see how much can change in a year, especially with kids.

{Cunha Family Session 1}

Location: Al-Corniche Club, Kuwait City

Date and time: November, 2014. 8:30am

Weather: Bright & Sunny

Although this was one of my earlier sessions, I am still very proud of these images. Capturing the love in their interactions was a thrill. One of my most favorite shots of the whole session is when her three little monkeys are laughing at their dad behind me, they couldn’t help but glow with pure joy.


Since I had the gift a knowledgeable client, I took advantage of it and debriefed with Lindy-Ann after our session. We shared our thoughts from the experience on both sides of the camera and it has helped me be a better photographer. It takes a lot to trust and be vulnerable with someone, but if you find the right client I suggest getting their feedback, it will help you grow.

One of the main things we both learned was that to capture bubbles you need a good deal of contrast in background. A bright beach morning with kids in white made our bubbles hard to see. The next time you are hoping to photograph a delightful little bubble scene, be sure there is enough contrast or color on location and your shutter speed is high enough to balance stopping motion and allowing in the right amount of light in.

{Cunha Family Session 1}

Location: Scientific Center Boardwalk, Kuwait City

Date and time: November, 2015. 8:30am

Weather: Sunny & Windy

For our second session we had a rocky start, because our location of choice, Al Shaheed Park in downtown Kuwait, was sadly closed on Friday mornings and we hadn’t checked before we met there. Standing outside the gate we came up with a Plan B and moved our shoot to the Marina Crescent. This threw ALL of us a off a bit. I was unable to use my plan for the shoot and a chunk of our time was lost. All that said, we had a fantastic time and it was a completely different feel from our first session.


The lesson here was to always double check your location’s opening hours as well as restrictions, as some parks and monuments have photography restrictions, including Al Shaheed. Another important note is you should always do a recce, or reconnaissance, tour before meeting your client there, so you know what you are working with.

Each session brings it’s own unique circumstances and situations no matter how many times you have used a location, prop, or pose. The important thing to remember is to approach each one with an open heart, because you never know when a client will become a lifelong friend, or in our case partner.